So hectic today to finish all of the things that should be finished. I have to send my artwork for "Lala Bohang Bagi-Bagi Gambar" (a chance for me to get one of those artwork from my favorite Lala Bohang. You also could check the announcement here - but the deadline to submit your artwork is TOMORROW! and I haven't finished it yet for the story hehehehehe). My girl, Tery asked me to accompany her to made some video for the loved ones birthday tomorrow. Start from making that video, I'm interested to learn about video some more :D

Lunch at Katsu Tei these 2 days hehehehe I like their sushi

Those are some of my sneak peak photos of video making. Gonna share the result if I've got the video link from Tery hihihihihi cant'wait. Tomorrow is also gonna be (wish) good day because MAKIBU FRUIT COFFEE is start to operated again after 'sleep' for almost 2 weeks. Yap! We have to prepare all of those things we need for re-open day tomorrow. I made a map for those who didn't know where's MAKIBU. Actually, there are many ways to go to MAKIBU. Check out to @MAKIBUCOFFEE for every information you needed about MAKIBU :D I would never stop. PECC is also need me, there's a meeting agenda that have to be visited. I miss all those officers :) can't wait to meet them all

Ah I wish tomorrow will be a great day! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...

So happy attended Ira Irianingrum's Engagement Day last night. Lil bit surprised when Tery told me that Ira is going to engaged with her loved-ones. It should be mini reunion of "Addicted" but everything seems held so suddenly so that we made less preparation to meet-up with the gank. Ah, but its okay, we wait for your Wedding Day 2 years later, Ira! InsyaAllah :)

It was blurry night....blurry picture -_-

The end of this term! Right on the middle of this year. Time flies, its already 4th week of June. Well, campus decided to held end test on June, 29th 2013... so sadly I'd like to inform you that.. 

We actually already temporary closed since Monday, we wrote this information directly on the chalk-board in front of our cart. Yes, we closed temporary till 2 weeks ahead. So sad to take this decision, remember we just opened this MAKIBU FRUIT COFFEE in one week, and we HAVE to closed temporary for right 2 weeks :( but we couldn't do anything, end test is more important right now for us. We promise to re-open again at the beginning of July :D 

Before the closing (temporary) day of MAKIBU FRUIT COFFEE, I joined a Friendship Night of UKM PECC. It was an event for us to get to know each other, closer and better. We rent a villa, complete with basketball field in front of the house. So cool! I have to say that the house was over-sophisticated, with pantry complete with every little thingies that should be on the kitchen, backyard, room-mate, and so on that made me linger there. Say thanks to committee who had prepared all those things for cool Friendship Night.
Thins that always remember is "Birthday Boy and Birthday Girl" who is dedicated to Gandi and Yuni!! Wohooo ~

On Sunday, June 16th 2013 was their birth-date! All officers were plan to make some scenario related to Gandi's Leadership as Chief of Conversation Dept. who don't unfair with one of their staff, Lina! :D OMG, she is great actress, she played well as person who got injustice :p. And, Bang! Gandi was attacked first with their staff and the others were coming after that, brought flour and simply cake with double candle. Double? Yes, Yuni came from the pantry, and she's the next target :D

Ah thankyou for mas Afif who tried so hard to act angry, I know it was not your style but you did a goooooood job! :D 

I'm so happy that day. I hope our togetherness in this organization could be last longer :) ..because I start to love this organization and obsessed to make it be the coolest organization at my campus :p GO FOR PECC!

I don't even understand why I choose Pop-Up! for the title of this post.. I'm too long leaving this blog. I've been very busy running a project in AIESEC and came for a meeting on my campus activity :D It's interesting running those two project almost in the same time, alternately meeting, deadlinessss. Well, I guess I did it well so far :) My project in AIESEC just finished yesterday, Alhamdulillah I worked optimally and I've do my best. So many experiences I got while I worked with AIESEC Roadshow Ambassador, altough I didn't come along with the team to visited suburban university to share the info about Exchange Program. Nice to work with Mbak Dira, Mas Ucim, Asih, and Andri as the teamwork! :)

In another case, I choose UKM Polytechnic English Conversation Club as my second family at the campus. I'm happy of being the part of that organization :) I currently elected as Vice Chief of Redaction which is handling everything about publication, external relation, promotion, management information and so oooon. My passion! I've been working with Lusi as my Chief, Fela, Yuni, Desta, Rani, Dhian, and Dewi as the staffs in this term. Well, girl power!

In the middle of my activities, I got a chance to 'build' a small coffee corner near campus. It's not I am myself, actually I work with 4 another cool guys Luthfi, Hndy, Zulfa and Arum. We make "MAKIBU FRUIT COFFEE". The concept is basically to provide a comfort corner to take some coffee with the touch of fruit in every seep. We also serve various snacks for coffee companion. Our coffee corner is outdoor-concept with wood and warm ambiance. We plan to open our coffee corner officially on Monday, June 10th 2013 :) Ahhhh wish us luck! I'll share about the menues and facilities. Check out our twitter @MAKIBUCOFFEE and peek our favorite. Finger-crossed!

Well, I guess I have to re-decorate my blog appearance. New layout, new spirit! :)