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I wish I had one that looked like Garfield, but... I think eventually we'll fight for Lasagna! :)

introducing.. Catchy the Cat! I love you puss, but sorry.. no more fish for today <3

Another random photos that will posted right now.. well, let's forget a moment about task, about form of university, requirements, vocational practice exam, passing grade.. so damn mysteryous! whew! 

greeting card for Tia's birthday! 

the cold cloud in one evening -- retouch using photoshop

hanging-out with friends 

the awkward label of my sneakers.... :/ it's slant and I just realized!


Awakened cz of bad dream :( well, better if I still awake untill 'subuh'.. there are a lot of thing that I passed and didn't post on my blog. sorry, I just feel lazy of everything.. seriously ._. too many problems that ruined my mood to do something. I just let my self lay on the bed, watching cooking's TV programs, drama, and ohhhh that was so unproductive activity! so, let me summarize 
  • I'm fail of one change ahead in my life. and of course i felt so saaaaaad
  • I'm failure again.... of one change ahead in my life. but I didn't feel too sad (stronger)
  • confusing of choosing departement of university. it's humane, i think ._.
  • gonna re-paint my room
  • I'm in project of final task and the progress is still....... 20% hell yeeea
  • need "no kids allowed" board to hang on the door of my room. seriously, Mrs. Ppopo was thrown into the corner of my room, near the trash by a child. Mr. Ppopo almost lost his wife!
  • need more time to sleep! Adios :*