as we know that big day like Idul Fitri's day is a day when the children has a right to get a new shirt. but for me, its not my necessary anymore to have a new dress for Idul Fitri's day.I have two sisters that use a female hedgear (jilbab) and also my mom, so why I must buy some dress anymore? surely, I just borrow one of them. our size is not too different :)

well, because it isn't my necessary anymore, my brother that have a job since about 6 months ago suggest me to buy a new moslem dress and koko shirt for my mom and my dad. here it is ..

twin color for my parents. a grey one. and you know what? this is a choice of Mb Ufi (my brother's girlfriend). I think it is a good choice because I start to like this color, and I wonder to wear a grey t-shirt too ft. black cardigan on the Idul Fitri's day. so, me and my parents wears the same color :) I hope so. for my dad, they took a koko shirt in Pand's collection shop on Pandanaran Street with emroider side on it. then my mom got a gamis for moslem with beads on the shang-hai collar and she got a female hedgear with the same color. they bought it on Al-Fath shop.

oh I almost forgotten my mom also got a Alfa' handclock because she lost her handclock a few days before thank you Allah because You still give me a more of livelihood so, me and my brother can bought them a twin dress that can use in your victory's day later ..

bless us
after I take off my uniform I relized then I miss my friends though I already met them in 5 hours at school. I dont know why I dont know what but I'm sure I'll miss this memory, after all the time we spent together, after all the jokes that we made, we laugh and we yelling each other when time to go home come :') maybe someday If earth still alive and I'm still give a chance to open my blog again when I be a Woman, I'll re-play this memory on my mind. about 2 years ago .. about 2 years again ..

first day on fasting month 1431 H

someday like an early week as usual

one day off

this is just a little thing that I show you. I'm still have a lot of pict that we took ♥