I Count Mine

by - Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still wondering about Kak Andra's post about count the happines in every single day on your life. Since I read her post over and over again, I immediately thought to try to count my own happiness as Kak Andra's did. I think it's wonderful. I often complain almost every day, seems like I never felt a happiness in my life.. This always makes me feel less of anything :( . I currently realize that people have to say thank you to God, so they could got more. 

..What is happiness to you? What’s capable of making you happy?

Happiness, to me, is limitless. 

It could come from anything, anywhere, anytime, anyone. 

It’s simple, really...


Simple, huh?

Imagine me writing 10 points every day for a year, I would have 3650 happiness in every year! Imagine if you have 50 points, 100 points or even 200 points of happiness per day. I’m sure it would result you something unexpectedly amazing.

Create your own happiness that comes within yourself and share it with others around you.

So, I try! 
  • I could go to school by my motorcycle with a tank that contains only 1 liter of gasoline. without break down
  • I met my school's friends. Laugh. Fun 
  • I done my internship report
  • My motorcycle's parking area was good. I could take it easily
  • Finally, took a nap while power outages
  • Watched NBL on TV, happy though that I couldn't be on live
  • I miss Kelly Purwanto. My favourite player on national basketball 
  • Enjoyed the afternoon after took a bath earlier
  • Visited Tery's house with Ira. Chitchat until late at night.. even almost midnight. for my self, just spending the time with friends by chatting is valuable! Luvv 
  • Here, write this post with just one bluescreen on my PC :p

PS: I'm gonna post my photo's post and an award from sissy, Ida! ummm, additional - Happy birthday to my favourite hijab fashion blogger kak Dian Pelangi (@dianpelangi)!  A little late to say hehe best wish ever for youuuu 

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