Embrace It

by - Monday, November 07, 2011

nothing can I say except say thank you to Allah for gave me the greatest value of life. since I choosen to be the one of teenager who 'forced' to know more about what's a real life? since then, when everyday I started the day I'm always picked lessons from each incident that happened to me. every single day :) i was very happy that God made me grown up in the right time. Subhanallah, God's plan would never wrong. At least, I hope God's plan could be in the same line with mine, and I could do it well :) 

Umm, anyway I just lost my another-fake-watch. what can I say? I was careless to left it on toilet. hehe though that it's STILL.. bought by my money :') but I got the instead! here's my new sketchbook bought from stationery store nearby hehehe it's cheap enough, even I didn't expect :p


and here's for you who gave me the bitter-sweet-smile :')


Goooooooddddddddd Nightttttttttt ~

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