A New Worker - No More Weekend

by - Friday, July 08, 2011

Haaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii blogsphere :D I dont write for long enough, right? since first day I got internship, I've got a blog post now :') yeah, my job is less but I have to follow the office's rules that go home at 4.30 p.m Sunday till Thrusday, 3.00 p.m for Friday and 'lazy day'for Saturday!!! whoaaaa Alhamdulillah *still no FREEday for Friday* but for some reasons, me, Tia, and my new friends from private vocational school, Diah and Dini -  have to pursue some target from an institute which is coorporate with my work place to (maybe) work EVERYDAY!!! OH MY GOOOOODDDDD what the hell is that?? but be calm, that just estimation. we are going to talk it later with some contract agreement ngihihihi

okay, I'll tell you what I do as a training employee is ...... NOTHING! seriously, this week I had no work that means so much even I could sleep away on the desk hahaha I hope, for the next day untill 6th month, I can find a new-older-friends who often called as "mbak/mas/pak/buk" hehe hope hope hope and of course Im able to adapt well and be their excited 'small' friends amin amin amiin and laaaast! I hope, the internship for 6 months can be benefical for me amiiin :')

Fira - A New Worker

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  1. congratz on your internship!


  2. hai sweet stevia :') thankyou for your cheer and also thankyou for visit my blog I'll jump on yours hihi