Be Cool is Cool

by - Friday, May 27, 2011

woke up very double late in a working day! and yap, Im not going to school again today hahaha
well, just turn on the computer and start to surffffff the world by internet. not really 'surf' I mean just check my account.

so many people I knew here. great people, lame people, cool people, famous people, my siblings, an obsession people, and the others kind of people.I'm glad if I found the cool people. their cool photos, cool from the way they talk or wrote on the twitter, cool from the way they show their personality, cool from the way they wrote or what they show on the blog, the widgets, their followers, their friends. its such of inspirations for me. sometimes, I 'imitate' them, BUT I dont imitate in detail and exact!! at least I have to more crative if I want imitate someone, and I try to imitate someone who are far away from here, from the abroad site perhaps.

I think there're many people who thinks the same like me. humans are crated in the world is divided into two types trendsetter and follower and sometime they can exchange their position. trendsetter become follower and follower become a trendsetter. Life is fair!
nothing is perfect. sometimes I can be bad follower or trendsetter in a few small things, but Im not naive, trendsetter is excist because there's an ispirations from other people, so wheter they were the follower too?

ps: do not offended I just wrote and no mention ;) just for learning, Adios!

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