by - Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BackSound "U Smile - Justin Bieber" ..

Assalamu'alaikum, dear readers :)

You know? There lot of things are confusing me lately.. Money, necessary, duty, reciprocation, willingness.. The big temptation ever. I as a teen girl, 18 years old never asked to God to got those temptations. I was born to be a 'simple Fira'. was born to be a youngest girl in this family, who should thank to my siblings. however, I love them so much much much. They've given a lot of things to me. See my brother already out of job as an exclusive marketing and now just be an entrepreneur. See my father is patients of renal failure since a years ago. See my mother just an employee. See my sisters are separated with something that they need much. I won't cry anymore while I wrote this post. Im just Fira, I cant be like another teenager. I have to be a strong teenager. I have to think wisely, everything I need, I do, I learn. I can stand by my self. because too many wounds to be healed.. :)

Feeling so blue, I need Allah to talk to..

- Aldila Firamdania -

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