Inside of Those People

by - Thursday, February 10, 2011

hmm I never expected to hypnotized by Uya Kuya while I walked around at Mall or Shopping Center, and I would not ! alesannya, jelas. aku pasti punya rahasia yang nggak mungkin sembarang orang boleh tau. sembarang orang yang mungkin sama sekali nggak kenal sama aku. it is a privacy, for sure and I dont wanna share it to arbitary people, ever.

btw, bicara soal orang2 yang pernah dihipnotis sama Uya Kuya yang rata-rata 'bermuka dua' aku jadi ngerti tentang kehidupan masa kini yang 'sebenernya' :) see, almost all of those people who hynotized by Uya Kuya has an true feeling about someone or something around them. bad or not, faith or cheat, love or not, sincere or expect something else, and soooo on. perhaps, if I am finally hypnotized like Uya Kuya did to those people, I would also have a thoughts like they have :)

here, I concern about they faith and they fad to cheat they mate. hahaha meskipun kadang aku ketawa liat mereka yang dihipnotis tenyata punya banyak pacar lah, genit lah, matre lah, cuma manfaatin lah hahaha macem2 pokoknya :D even, as if I laughing my self who cheated by someone last year. from these impressions, I've learned that there are many lies of these time. for these reasons, till now I dont believe in a guy, Im afraid if I be the one of the victims of cheating for the umpteenth time hehe. BUT ! beside that, hypnotized could reveal thought about your friends. yeah, as a friend, of course we ever make a mistakes. we can feel resentful about that, but it would be nice if it just take a several time of introspections each other and 'berpelukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan' :D

from those things, we can deduced that being a NAIVE persong is okeey, because NAIVE is humane. but, keep logicaly :)

- inspirated by : Uya Kuya's impressions at TV -

PS : Congratulations for Zulfa, Lucy :D keep closer with him ya :) ♥♥♥♥

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