Home Sweet Home

by - Monday, February 28, 2011

just finished from cleaning my house with my brother and my mom and we're very exhausted but really nice. I always glad to see my house keep clean :) but anyway there are a lot of problems if I clean my house. I'm too on fire so I always wanted to get rid anything that looks like trash :p sometimes my mom and my dad yelling at me and say "lihat dulu! jangan asal buang lhoo! ckckck" hahahaha

by the way, it's rain outside and I've cleaned myself, took a bath, took a worship, took off my dirty clothes, made a hot chocolate milk (for 3 times today), and here! sit in front of my stupid LCD that make my eyes blurred ! uurrrgghhhh

so, talk about a house, I always admired the style of the architect of a house. but I concern to american's or europe's house style. When I was child I wish that I could be an architect. my dream was very high and I always drew a design of a house. And now, I should choose a departement that appropriate with my dream at this vocational high school Drawings and Buildings Engineering, but my father prohibited it :( the reason is it must be busy to do the drawing tasks. it must be a lot. yeapp, I see. he asked me to chosen Computer and Networking Engineering, first rank departement on that time, but Im not sure for now.

and now, I just can look my friends from Drawings and Buildings Engineering Departement with all of their tasks, obligations, and their bright future :'). I just want to let you know , I always wanted to be like you guys, with all of the lines, and drawings on the papers hihi

ookkeey, dont be regret Firaaa, this all is my way. everybody has their own way, right? well, this is the point that I want to share to you, readers. My Dream House :) I want to have a house like american peoples heheheh yeah, it must be cz I'm too often watched a hollywood's movies hahahahaha. yes, I admit it :) I envisioned a house which is not too large with a white doors and windows, with touch of green space of garden which is not too large in front of or at backyard. wraped by soft bright color's wallpaper or crem-colored or soft-maroon color, walls are hung with cute trinkets, terrace with a white fence too, consists of several warm room huaaaaaaaaaa I can't stop imagine that right now !! :D it might be like this

all whiteeeeeee ♥

yeah ! like this ! like this !! XD

this is an europe's style

cute trinkets :)

deeply fallin love with this house ! who's mine??

and one thing that I have to remember for the rest of my life! one day, if I already have my own house I won't ever buy too much big goods to my house. because it must be hard to keep clean by self! Amiiiin InsyaAllah :) *wanted your bless, guys! come on says Amiiin for me and for my dream-house :p

#picts took from : googling, devianArt, and vi.sualize.us

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