by - Friday, February 18, 2011

Dear Argony.. oh wait a minute, who's Argony? Why I uttered that name? why it is so familiar in my mind? what's wrong with me? -sigh, just ignore-

well, hi everyone! I say it with unpleasant feeling right now, actually yes a little great feeling because I got tolerable score on english try out and get on 115 times for backup! it is exceed my target 93 times, Alhamdulillah :)

for the unpleasant feelings, yes I'm a trouble feeling. I dont know why. I was quiet lately. almost all of my friends asked to me 'whats going on? what happend fira? why you look so moody?' then another friend talked to me that she lost my smile.. -oh listen, that high frequency's ringing sounds is killing me :( take me away from home ANYONE?- yes, perhaps "the home's story" are factors that made me like this. I dont want to talk more about these. it is too much, remember I always gave a lot of advices but never hearing :( okey at least I've shown a sense of my dear so much more.
another, a lot of examinations and several test are ready to face soon. I feel burdened, a little. I know that is my obligations and I have to passed it all. totaly. I wish that Allah bless me and make it easy to passed. Amin. -but actually, I looked so frustazed-

feel so blue

it felt very lazy for me to communicate much more, I just want to quiet and take my time. spending time by time, daydreamed and thought "WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING TO ME? HOUSE, LOVE, FRIENDS, SORES, SCHOOL, AND SO ON? WHAT ALL THESE?"

but, thankyou for Pustaka Sari who made a lot of status on facebook about KyuHyun -her favourite personil of SuperJunior- it makes a little smiling for me :)

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