J is for Johnny Depp :)

by - Monday, January 03, 2011

I cant believe that I'm here right now.. SCHOOL !! *sigh very bored :| like some lyrics from Miley Cyrus - "everyweeks the same, stuck in school so lame" hahaha

actually, I wanna tell you that I'm already fan of Johnny Depp hahaha though I just saw some of his movies, not all yet :) but really he is great man. I mean totally 'man' hahaha you know what I mean if you knew Jhonny's biographys hihi :) oooorrrr, I started to like him because God, gave me a weird dream about Jhonny's hahaha LOL :o

I just knew that Johnny had a talent on a music ! ohh I'm very late, right :|

he is old already, but still cool and handsome hahahaha :) am I right ?

big regards from me, Fira an Indonesian people for Johhny Depp :)

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