Im Sorry

by - Monday, January 31, 2011

Im sorry about my act to you, someone. my sissy. actually, I never have a bad intentionn to you but, lately, I heard from my friend that you (maybe) hate me and I dont know how far.
I decided to stay away from you, but still be your big sister and need your bless to let me pass the final exam. I just dont want to make an enemy, you're my sister. I know you're rebellion if you have an complaint about people around you. that's great, try to not being a naive person, but I think you did too much. I hope you can learn more about this, I know you hate me after I rejected you. but I think, this is the best way :)

I swear, you can be a great girl :) adult in the best time, later. I swear you can learn


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