I Pray For ..

by - Sunday, January 30, 2011

it was come so early. I took a rest on a bed, then I thought about all of my Goal's Life :) I decided on my heart that I should Pray. More Pray to God, but later because I got a 'holiday'.

then, I pray for my own destiny, on my hand. my final examination, my schoolife, my life temptation, my healthful, my mom and my dad (of course), my big brother and my big sister, my big family, for all of my friends, my future, I pray for my controling my emotion, to omit my bad habit, I pray for my own family, with a great husband :) and smart children who less crying, my occupation, my skill and my knowledge which is increase in every single day. I pray for the function of me around the society, for my smooth life later, I pray for my sins which is added everday, and evertime. I pray for forgiveness from my Lord, Allah :'(. I relize that I had a lot of sins, oh God Im so Sorryyyyyyy :'(

there's nothing to do anymore. I just need to pray and trying about everything. about my Goal's Life. and the point is, I Pray For A Better Life...

dont forget to pray before you sleep, so that He can keep you and wake you up in the morning :)

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