by - Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"kusadar kau pun tak kumiliki namun semakin ku terobsesi .. "
Rocket Rockers - Terobsesi

Im afraid if I called it Love, cz I really know that it won't be happend hehe. there is a young man at school that stole my sight. everywhere I go I always look for him. sometimes I can't held my mad when I saw him and watch his face closely. then, suddenly my face going reddish and I can't hide my feeling. I know I wont ever be with him, because if you know who is he and what is his profession you'll have the same opinion like me.

physicaly, he is remain me with somebody I knew when I was 7 grade on Junior High School. yes, they are like a twin ! very looookkkkkk likeeeeeeeeee !!

I'm not too optimistic with my temporary feelings. I know I wont be with him. I just like him as possibility. I know who i am and who is he, it is ridicilous if I force everything that I want about him. hehe its is enough for me if I can meet him every single day and enjoy his countenance, when he smile and when he busy with his work :)

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