Grey Gift

by - Friday, September 03, 2010

as we know that big day like Idul Fitri's day is a day when the children has a right to get a new shirt. but for me, its not my necessary anymore to have a new dress for Idul Fitri's day.I have two sisters that use a female hedgear (jilbab) and also my mom, so why I must buy some dress anymore? surely, I just borrow one of them. our size is not too different :)

well, because it isn't my necessary anymore, my brother that have a job since about 6 months ago suggest me to buy a new moslem dress and koko shirt for my mom and my dad. here it is ..

twin color for my parents. a grey one. and you know what? this is a choice of Mb Ufi (my brother's girlfriend). I think it is a good choice because I start to like this color, and I wonder to wear a grey t-shirt too ft. black cardigan on the Idul Fitri's day. so, me and my parents wears the same color :) I hope so. for my dad, they took a koko shirt in Pand's collection shop on Pandanaran Street with emroider side on it. then my mom got a gamis for moslem with beads on the shang-hai collar and she got a female hedgear with the same color. they bought it on Al-Fath shop.

oh I almost forgotten my mom also got a Alfa' handclock because she lost her handclock a few days before thank you Allah because You still give me a more of livelihood so, me and my brother can bought them a twin dress that can use in your victory's day later ..

bless us

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