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by - Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello there. guess what? I'm pretty happy today because I can undertake it well. first, in the morning I can join Ms. Darti's class on Indonesian Class very well. then, finally I've presentation on LIA's english course in the evening after last week, me and my partner must cancel the presentation that we've prepared ripedly whoaaa. and you know, that was fun on the class today hehe

hmm maybe, today is a special day for my brother and his new girlfriend. mbak ufi was join with my family this evening to take break fasting together in my house. although I can allowed her until she go home (cz I also take break fasting together at Roga's house with my classmates) but I've talk with her a little hehe. whoaaa, I can say that she is beautiful girl.
after I join with my family to break fasting, then I take leave to my dad, mom, sister, brother, and also mbak ufi to go to the Roga's house to attend the event. hahaha completely! I can share my time with my family and my friends :) Alhamdulillah oh yeaah, I took some picture with my SLR. I played it with the others, it is so fun

Thanks a lot to God that gives me a lot of job about my MUG ! some people trust me to make a cup as they like :) though I little anger if their order is ridicilous but inside it, I say thanks a lot to God that give me a chance to work and get some new experience. even I can get money from this to add my pocketmoney yihiiiy. even a lot of my friends always support me if I found that I'm not professional to do it hehe

and for tomorrow, I hope I can find the perfect day like this :) and about the ending of the paragraph above, If I must stop that, I hope I can share my experience for being an independent teenager to my kids, someday. Amin :)

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