by - Friday, August 27, 2010

Inspired by Diana Rikasari's blog that include an english post, I think I can follow her just because to increase my experticing to use the english hahaha and maybe I'm gonna have to post with english language in one time or many time hahaha okey enough for the prolog, now Im gonna tell you about my short conversation with my father this evening
be lost from my sadness about the condition of my father recently, I remember the energy that gave to me from Pak Budi. A 'smart' man from Blora. As I know, Pak Budi has a great energy that he get after to experience a apparently dead *shokcked

I dont know the excatly story but I know that he had share his energy to me. my father said that I'm the one who get this energy. I'm not sure that I've got it now, because I approve it yet.
actually, I've done but IM STILL DOUBT hehe (ex: if I thought on my mind about what will happen, it will! then, if I thought that I can follow more than another driver, slowly but it proved oh my god. once again, if I touch my father's stomach fit on the hole, suddenly he felt stiff on his back '____' wohooo)

Pak Budi said that I have a strong relation with my father. yes I relize that I have internal connection with my father. he also said that I'ma scarce girl, Im strong (dont know what contecs) and I can easy to accept that energy. is it a magic? absolutelly I'm pretty afraid bout this because pak budi said I must control my emotion and keep my utter because everything that I said might be true huhuhuhu as you know that Im lil tempramental :(

whatever he said, actually I'm still more believe in God. without His might it never ever can be do. and I hope it can bring me into a positive thing, and not make me feel that I can do everthing what I want. right? *actually Pak Budi also said like that hhe he is good Moslem :)

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