I Really Want It To Be Sure

by - Monday, July 05, 2010

my intention to write this post is just to show what I feel for being member of this committe. hmm I start to join this committe because my best friends ask me to be part of this event. at first I reject it because I'll busy as soon if I join to this committe,but my parents make sure and give me a permission to join with it , and the big reason why I (forced) join is , I wanna have a lot of friends more than I had now.I wanna have a new friends from the highest graduated,I can learn they adulthood hehe not they naughtiness :P.I wanna get some experience,partering with other people that new. okeeey so,I've been join with this committe now.

I think I'm cool because "oh,I'm the little part of this big event" but actually , I'M NOT hahaha I'm the most young at that commutation,from the age side.and this is it,the problem has begun! in the one of our metting (that always attend at some place who faaaaaaar from my house,the youngest girl*tingtingting*) we've got a big big problem that big big big avoid to the event like this. this is about FUND.yes,our sponsor is not clear! whereas,presale has been share and the pamflet of the promotion has been shout to our friends,ohh how embrassed :@. I ever think that I'm not sure that this event can be attend according our las metting,even I'm not sure that this committe is real hehe soooooo freak! and you know,I never understand what they said if we had a metting *wingwingwing* the conclude is,I (little) never sure with this purpose,like this night,I'm just attending the metting at the place who faaaaaar from my house as usual, AND you know I JUST BE THERE ON 40 MINUTES xoxoxo whereas I had a stomacache since afternoon,its so bad. AND I dont understand anymore what we've discuss !!?? hahaha I wanna laugh I wanna laugh :DDDD

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